Natalie Susi

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Ready to Level Up
Your Business?

Identify blind spots by aligning team communication and find the winning recipe for long-term success.

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Ready to Level-up
your business?

Identify blind spots by aligning team communication and find the winning recipe for long-term success.

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Through her coaching, Natalie has effectively bridged communication gaps within the team, thereby establishing a unified sense of purpose and saving us invaluable resources in terms of time, finances, and energy.

– W. R. Cone, Wealth Manager

She is truly a “next level” coach … She has been instrumental in helping us creating a culture that habitually expresses gratitude and celebrates wins.  Working with her gives the team the opportunity to learn how to have conscious conversations to get aligned and level up performance.

– Susie Lecker, Former CMO Mattel

Natalie has been a valuable member of the FitSwoop leadership team helping set us up for success in all areas of our business while supporting our efforts around defining and living our company culture. 

– Madeline Wolkove, Fitswoop

Seth O’Byrne

Real Estate Developer, Investor and Luxury Broker

“Natalie is the invisible hand behind my company’s huge growth, the silent partner to all my recent successes, and the third voice here at home. She adapts and listens when I need to clear my thoughts, crystallizes, and creates a process around goals when I need help creating tangible change and somehow manages to lead me while allowing my own ideas around what I want out of life to steer the direction. It has been said that a problem well-defined is a problem half solved, and in our sessions, I am able to name and describe the roadblocks so clearly that the solutions just fall out of the sky, it feels like. My lifelong goals have been synthesized into daily habits, and with the accountability strategy she implements with me, she’s been able to give me a long leash to still learn, err, and stumble but recover quicker and take more education out of painful moments.

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The ALIGNMENT Method ™

The Alignment Method ™  is a step-by-step process utilized to support leaders in cultivating conscious teams and business that ensures that both communication and culture are working collectively, effectively, and towards the ultimate goals and objectives of your organization.


I help leaders bridge gaps in communication and create team alignment, so they can minimize miscommunication and wasted time and energy and maximize creativity, productivity, and profitability.

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Communication Consulting

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Communication Alchemist for CEOs, Founders & Managers

Founder + CEO Bare Mixers (Sold company in 2014)

Teacher of Holistic Principles

UCSD Professor (Course curriculum: The Pursuit of Happiness)


I’d love to share, connect, and start conscious conversations over at my Instagram page. Come join and follow along for quotes, stories, interviews, and real talk on the highs and lows of conscious life and business.