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Natalie is a dedicated and passionate individual and an inspiring coach. She encouraged me and believed in me the whole way through, and her coaching principles, daily practices, and exercises helped me find my blocks and overcome them, so I can stop create new experiences in every area of my life. What I appreciate the most is how real she is. After going through a session, I know I will always get insight, learn new lessons, and get real life homework that comes straight from the heart and is solely intended to make me a better person who actually gets what I want in my life. After working with Natalie, your life will change for the better. That I can say with confidence!
Jessica R.
reakthrough Coaching Client
Natalie was a great mentor, and I really enjoyed my time as an intern working on one of her latest endeavors, called WHIL– What Have I Learned. I learned a lot of “behind the scenes” work that goes into running a digital business-like brand. My overall experience was phenomenal and gave me the opportunity to expose myself to real life business situations, solve real life problems, communicate, and work together with other intelligent people who all want each other to succeed. Lastly, there’s no better way to find out what your calling is other than getting out in the world and finding yourself. Sometimes we just need to ACT and let other people REACT. An internship with Natalie can definitely be the spark that starts the fire to your future career as it opened many doors for my future!
Alex Ritz
Marketing Intern
Natalie Susi provided me with one of the most amazing internship experiences. I never thought I’d be able to learn so much and be so hands-on and involved. Natalie has also helped me after my internship to provide me with more experiences and opportunities to stay involved with her line of work. I have never been so thankful for a person than her. I recommended her internship to other future students, who I heard nothing but positive things to say. Natalie is an amazing person who just wants to help people, and for that I’m grateful.
Olivia Henn
Marketing Intern
It has been a great pleasure to partner with Natalie Susi over the last five years through our UC San Diego Extension Internship Program. Natalie consistently provides a high caliber, high quality and high touch internship experience for our Business Management students. She employs a sophisticated and highly effective system to optimize the internship for the student. She ensures the internship includes personal development mentoring, allowing an opportunity to impart her wisdom from her robust business and entrepreneurial background. My students consistently report it is a rich, rigorous and robust experience, preparing them for their next steps to advance their careers. She shares her system with other business professionals to help them leverage this opportunity to develop a strategic internship program to grow their businesses. I am honored to recommend Natalie!
Mindy Flanagan
Manager, Business Programs for International Students at UCSD
In dealing with the end of my marriage, I attended 9 months of therapy with a psychologist. During my last therapy session, I was told that “I would be just fine.” Despite all of the time and money I spent, I still didn’t have any clarity about why my marriage fell apart, how I would move on, or what to do for my future. A few months after, still feeling distraught and unsettled, my friend recommended that “I speak with Natalie Susi.” I distinctly remember the first phone call because to my amazement, Natalie did not say “It will be okay!” Instead, she reached out and told me that she really got my pain. She did not try to “fix” my hurt. She brought me to a place where I could wake up every morning without the gnawing hurt in my chest. She gave me the hope that I would once again find love. I view that day of the first session as my “new beginning.” She truly listens and cuts through some of the “noise” that I create in my mind and in my life; noise that is an instinctive reaction from my failed marriage. I credit Natalie Susi as being the key person who “truly got my pain,” and her program helped me finally move on from my failed marriage. I am full of hope that I will find my special person and that I will find love again.
Carol H.
Breakthrough Coaching Client
In a short 5 months, with Natalie Susi’s guidance, I was able to enhance my skills and equip myself with new skills that I still use today in my current role. While most of my role in the internship focused on coding and the thoughtful process of marketing, I was also exposed to areas that involved HR and insightful leadership activities that I still use today. Being a millennial, it is easy to assume that I know a lot about social media; however that was far from true once I re-evaluated my 5 months under Natalie. I was able to see the bigger picture on how social media can reach other individuals other than myself. After graduating from SDSU, I did take on another internship with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation which has led to my full-time position of HR Coordinator - Global. I can say that 100% of what I learned under Natalie has been beneficial to me within the last year and half since the program ended in May 2017. Without the program and without the knowledge that I have gained from it, I know other opportunities would not have presented themselves.
Andres Ortiz
Marketing Intern