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I help business leaders bridge gaps in communication and create team alignment, so they can minimize miscommunication and wasted time and maximize creativity, productivity, and profitability.

Who Do I Work With?

I help entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders bridge gaps in communication, so they can create team alignment and minimize miscommunication and wasted time and maximize creativity, productivity, and profitability.

As a communication coach and consultant, my role is to serve as a bridge between you and your team members, employees, investors, partners, and other key stakeholders who play a vital role in your business growth. Effective, conscious communication is the most important component for saving valuable time and energy while strengthening your bottom line. Through my specially designed program, The Alignment Method, we pinpoint areas of effective communication and identify any breakdowns that may exist.

Working closely with your business team, we address and overcome these challenges, fostering a culture of clear and intentional communication. By creating a space for conscious conversations and conflict resolution, we streamline interactions and prevent miscommunication and wasted time and energy. In this environment, ideas and feedback are openly shared and valued, driving effective collaboration, fueling innovation, and boosting overall performance.

However, success is not solely about strategies and tactics but also about aligning oneself on a deeper level. I guide my clients and their team members in setting meaningful goals and intentions, helping them shift their communication patterns both internally and externally. By fostering a mindset of abundance, positivity, and authenticity, my clients learn to call in what they truly desire and attract the outcomes they envision.

Through this coaching program, entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders gain clarity, enhance their leadership skills, and cultivate an environment of open and effective communication. This empowers them to not only achieve their business objectives but also experience personal growth and fulfillment along the way. Together, we create a foundation for success that goes beyond tactics and strategies, bringing forth a thriving business driven by aligned communication and empowered individuals.

Through her coaching, Natalie has effectively bridged communication gaps within the team, thereby establishing a unified sense of purpose and saving us invaluable resources in terms of time, finances, and energy.
W. R. Cone
Wealth Manager
She is truly a “next level” coach … She has been instrumental in helping us creating a culture that habitually expresses gratitude and celebrates wins.  Working with her gives the team the opportunity to learn how to have conscious conversations to get aligned and level up performance.
Susie Lecker
Former CMO Mattel
Natalie has been a valuable member of the FitSwoop leadership team helping set us up for success in all areas of our business while supporting our efforts around defining and living our company culture.
Madeline Wolkove

How Does the Alignment Method™ Work?

The Alignment Method™ is a transformative step-by-step process that supports leaders in cultivating conscious teams and businesses. It ensures that communication and culture work collectively and effectively towards the ultimate goals and objectives of your organization. With this powerful method, I guide leaders in creating an environment where every team member is engaged, connected, and driven to achieve success. Our focus is on aligning communication practices, optimizing teamwork, and nurturing a positive company culture.

Through my comprehensive process, I assess your team members to uncover their triggers, patterns, strengths, weaknesses, and individual preferences. This deep understanding allows me to identify how they learn best, produce their finest work, and feel valued within the company, ensuring their engagement and alignment with their unique gifts. By leveraging their strengths and addressing areas of improvement, I support their professional growth while fostering a sense of appreciation and fulfillment.

I go beyond surface-level understanding, delving into the core aspects of each team member’s individuality. By identifying their triggers, patterns, and stuck points, I guide them towards overcoming challenges and achieving breakthroughs, resulting in personal and professional development. My approach is dedicated to aligning team members with their gifts and strengths, cultivating a harmonious workplace where individuals are motivated to stay and excel.

Experience the transformative power of The Alignment Method™ as we uncover the potential within your team, propelling them towards lasting alignment, growth, and success. Together, we will create a thriving work environment where each team member can shine and contribute their best. By aligning communication and culture, we unlock the potential for seamless synergy, increased productivity, and a more fulfilling work experience that inspires company loyalty, heightened productivity, and enhanced creativity. The Alignment Method™ paves the way to a thriving organization where success becomes a natural outcome of conscious teamwork.

How Do We Get Started?

There are numerous ways we can collaborate to support you and your team. One approach involves conducting individual sessions with each team member. These sessions allow me to understand how each person operates best, learns effectively, and feels appreciated. By gaining insights into their unique communication styles, I can provide you with tailored strategies to facilitate conscious communication and cohesive teamwork.

Furthermore, we can organize group workshops and training sessions for your entire team. These interactive sessions foster a shared understanding, promote effective communication techniques, and cultivate a positive team culture. With over a decade of experience in working with teams, I have honed my skills in navigating diverse environments and adapting to various organizational structures.

Together, we will determine the best approach for your specific needs, team dynamics, and business growth. I will work closely with you to develop a customized plan that aligns with your vision and objectives. Whether it’s individual coaching, team sessions, or group workshops, I am committed to empowering you and your team with the communication skills needed to thrive.

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