Natalie Susi



This Retreat is a Perfect Fit If You...

  • Have a vision to build a business or product and want to launch and build your company now
  • Own a business and want to rebrand your marketing, rewrite your story, or rebuild your team
  • Own a business and want to take it to the next level
  • Feel stuck in your career and you want to get unstuck
  • Are an employee and ready to take forward steps toward your entrepreneurial dreams
  • Are a creative or service provider and want to create and launch your brand
  • Are a creative or service provider and want to make a living doing only what you love to do

For Entrepreneurs

I help business owners build their story, build their team, and build their strategy, so they can increase profits and brand awareness.

While I have 10 years of experience wearing all of the business hats from manufacturing to marketing, I most enjoy working on the forward facing elements of building a company.

The process of launching and building a company is the same regardless of the service, the industry, or the product. First, you assess the people, the product, the process, and the profits. Second, you put a strategy and a team in place that will help you execute in the most efficient and effective way to create positive shifts towards achieving those business goals now.

For Creatives

Do you have a  talent, gift, or service that you want to share with the world but you are unsure of how to get started or how to market, brand, and actually make money doing what you love? I can help. I’ve launched many people like you, and I love doing it.

While I love working with product-based companies, I have a special affinity for service providers and creatives who want to launch their personal brand, gain more clients or fans, and/or update their current brand and portfolio of services. I love empowering people to use their unique skills and talents to create a successful, lucrative career doing what they are most passionate about in this world.

One of my soul missions on this planet is to help people follow their soul mission and actually make a living doing it.

My Education

I learned everything I know about business  from creating, building, and selling my company  in the food and beverage industry. I learned most of my lessons the hard way with no team, no financing, and no educational background or experience in entrepreneurialism. What I did have was naive optimism, the determination to finish what I started, and a commitment to a bigger vision. I loved my product, but I had this story in my head that my real purpose in building that first business was to learn the lessons I needed to learn in order to teach others the shortcuts for navigating their own entrepreneurial journey in the most efficient and effective way.

On hardest days of running that business while I was working 3 jobs and delivering product of the trunk of my Hyundai, I played out this story, and I reminded myself that someday I would use these experiences to help others follow their dreams.

Most of the successes from my first company were born out of my biggest failures and my determination to keep moving forward after each obstacle until I found a better strategy with a brighter outcome. Other instrumental life and business lessons came from mentors who generously shared their time, energy, and lessons with me from their own mistakes.

I am grateful for every step I had to take to get here, and I love that I am finally living in that story that I imagined so many years ago where I get to play a role in helping other people navigate their entrepreneurial journey in the most efficient and effective way, so they can experience success and achieve their goals now.